Take the Galaxy is a galactic exploration and colonisation card game  set in the bright future of space exploration. The game can be played solo, or with up to 4 players. It contains over 86 finely crafted artworks that  bring the universe to life.


You take the role of one of the pioneering factions, set out  to explore  a yet uncharted galaxy discovered through a wormhole. Colonize planets, buildup colonies, study anomalies and make the best of any events that might happen. You can hold on to only 4 planets at a time, so in order to claim more planets (and keep earning points), you'll have to relinquish control of planets without impacting your carefully made economic chains. Once all sectors have been explored, you tally up all the Renown Points gained from planets you've colonized, high value colonies you've built, from colony outputs, from anomalies studied and from any events you've solved. The player with the highest points, wins the game! There are many different strategies to discover, such as focussing on mining or industry, building up your science output to claim anomalies, or building thriving colonies that fuel cultural and tourist centers.


Whatever path you choose, your experience will differ greatly each time you play! Now go on explorer and Take The Galaxy!

Take The Galaxy - 1st Edition

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  • Product Information

    English version 1.0


    Players: 1-4

    Age: 10+

    Time: 45 - 60 min.



    • 4 Player Decks, 42 cards each
    • 1 Space Deck, 48 cards
    • 16 [Manpower] tokens
    • 16 [Science] tokens
    • 16 [Production] tokens
    • 20 [1 Renown Point] tokens
    • 16 [5 Renown Point] tokens
    • 12 [Hazard / -1 Renown Point] tokens
    • 1 Manual [English]
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