Take the Galaxy is a galactic exploration and colonisation card game that can be played solo, or with up to 4 players. You take the role of one of the pioneering factions, set out  to explore  a yet uncharted galaxy discovered through a wormhole.

You and your rivals explore a number of sectors in this new galaxy, which is represented by the Space Deck. The Space Deck contains new systems that you can colonize, anomalies that can be researched for renown, and galactic events that can affect your colonies in various ways. 

Whatever path you choose, as a pioneer you can only hold onto 4 systems at a time, and in order to keep claiming worlds that earn you renown you must relinquish control of systems to your faction at a certain point. This requires you to plan ahead in order to not inadvertedly breakdown your economy. 

When all the sectors have been explored, each player tallies up their renown earned from systems claimed, high value colonies built, anomalies researched and events dealt with. Whomever has the highest score will be the winner and will Take the Galaxy!

You start off already with a foothold, a habitable planet in the Core Sector. From here you have to make some hard choices which way you develop. Do you build mining colonies on systems with deposits, and use these riches to build high value colonies? Or will you invest in science, researching the weird and wonderfull treasures of this new galaxy to earn renown? You can choose to cut corners and use more nefarious means to build your colonies, or focus on space ships that don't require a system for support that can aid your economy. 


The artbook is done, printed and now for sale! The artbook features most of the artwork of the boardgame in beautifull, high resolution images.

Note that we have only a limited number available.


The first games have been delivered! We're now working hard to finish the fulfillment and to make this game available for retail. For the latest information concerning this, be sure to follow us on:

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Black Friday is upon us, and we have a special deal! Take The Galaxy is now at a 25% off discount! Be sure to get your copy, for this deal ends at 26th of November!

The game is now for sale, you can find it in our shop! The game is also for sale on www.bol.com for Dutch customers.

We did it! 155% Funded with 1 stretch goal unlocked! A big thank you to all backers for making this game possible! 


"the cleverness of Take The Galaxy’s design, I think, is how you can never just take and take; instead, you’re constantly looking to extend your reach within the limits of what you can manage on any given turn, lending a neat turn-by-turn tactical challenge."

- Andrew, Gameosity


 Take the Galaxy turned out to be a quick and tactical card game. Perfect to play as a filler. I’ve you like games such as Village of Valeria, Jump Drive and San Juan you should definitely check this one out!

 - Wesley, Ameritrash.nl

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